Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moda Modern #5 and 6

As you may already know our Monday Modern group is working our way through the Moda Modern Building Blocks this year. Kind of like a block of the month, but as Liz pointed out if we want to get it done in a year, it's more like a block of the week.

Anyway, January's blocks are 2, 5 and 6. 2 is another biggie and I have heard reports it's nightmarish and needs starch. I did not feel like challenging sewing yesterday afternoon, so I avoided #2 and did the easy jobs first.

#5 went a little astray. I sewed the hsts in the wrong direction. Oh well, it all fits together. I am deliberately using what I have on the shelves rather than buying more fabric. I am not being precious about shades of green next to each other as it's going to be a big, big quilt where small fabric choices really won't stand out.

I then sewed 5 and 6, to #1 to get some sense of progress.

I would like to add more dark blue fabric to the next blocks.

I have had a 7 hour school work day today, in preparation for the staff only days this week, so I can start on #2 tomorrow. I will be sure to buy starch with the groceries in the morning (-:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back from the Quilter

It was my luck that Carol the Quilter was waiting on thread for the other quilts in her queue, so mine got bumped up!

Here is a sneak peek at her handiwork -

As much as I want to see what they would like finished, I am ignoring them because I have school work to do. Boo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quilts I will get finished before Easter

Given I have dropped four quilt tops off to Carol the Quilter in Onehunga recently, I am pretty confident in committing to getting two of them completely finished (ie bound) before Easter or, if I used the word quarter in that sense, I would say "the first quarter."

Anyway, I will commit to finishing this one ...

and this one ...

I do like these ones. The top one is a gift-in-waiting for a colleague having her first baby later this year.

I am linking up with Adrienne's 2015 Finish-Along.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Qu

A feel it's cheating to call this an actual quilt when all I did was cut fat quarters into strips and sew them together, so it's called a qu rather than a quilt.

I was inspired by Jane Brocket's book The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking. If I was to make this kind of quilt again, I would cut more strips 4+". However, I like the brightness of it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Meow Quilt - an Update

I got this far with this one before the new year and then I didn't have enough fabric to finish the top and bottom corners.

I found this quilt very slow going because I couldn't visualise which way each little hst had to go, so I had to stop and compare each piece of the quilt with a previous block. And the linen was as shifty as. Never again! However, I was pleased to get it this far. (I did fix one of the two mistakes in one block at this point!)

I have since visited whatever Global Fabrics in Newmarket is called these days for some more linen. Not a perfect match but one that's close enough. Do they have the worst carpark in Auckland?

I am now this far and need to do some unpicking because I didn't cut two corners big enough. Argh, I will be very glad to pass this one over to Carol the quilter.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Frolic Quilt Finished


This one was finished a wee while ago - maybe late October. It just needed washing (and photographing) before I could give it away at Christmas. It is the wrinkliest quilt ever. It possibly needed more quilting than I did.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Summer Sewing Update - Dresses for Lucy

Getting stuck into the list was postponed as I was distracted by pretty dress sewing. I made Lucy-the-niece two Heidi and Finn Pintuck Dresses before Christmas.

She won't wear them. I ask, "Lucy, where are you new dresses?" She says, "Too hot." And then she says, "T-shirt," as she points to her tummy. Hmm. I think they are very cute and they were pretty simple to make too.

I also made my cousin Kell's 3 month old a tunic/dress using Ginger Baby's Plum Pudding Dress pattern.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Summer Holiday Sewing

In the hols I plan to:

1   Get more of Lucy's Meow quilt done ... maybe even finished. No, that's too ambitious given I don't enjoy making all the half square triangles in this quilt. (I probably should have thought of that before I started it.)

2   Work on this cool quilt. I have had the fabric and pattern stashed away for a few months.

3   I would love also to get this one started. It's from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking.

Mocha the neighbour's cat has been my cat friend this week - sleeping all over the washing I should have put away when I brought it in off the line rather than dumping it on the spare bed! 

Lucy the Cat has been sick and to the vet four times in six days. Blood tests, anti nausea injection, anti-inflammatory injection, x-rays and four teeth extractions later ... she is returning to her normal self, although the pharyngitis (on top of the 'feline oral resorptive lesions' issue) means her meow is still a bit croaky. Hopefully, that's it now until her annual warrant of fitness in March.