Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Won fabric and a Baby Quilt in the Making

I recently won four fat quarters from Nicky at By the Yard.

I like the dark print and the animals the best.

I have been working on a baby-sized quilt for a colleague.

This fabric has been on the shelf for at least one year, if not two or three. I supplemented it with the blue and grey dot, and the brown and green floral I used for one of Lucy the niece's baby dresses. Now it just needs quilting. I have to be in the right mood for that job!

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks #4, 34 and 35

Block 4 was the final one I had to complete before the March gathering of our Monday Modern group. Then I went through my scraps to make a couple more 6" blocks.

By my count, that's 16 done out of 48. I wonder which blocks we will work on next? The four biggest ones are done.

I look forward to seeing everyone's progress tomorrow night. You can check out Linda's progress here. I think she is well ahead.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks #3, 15, 16 and 16 again

Big block #3 is done. It measures 30" x 30".

I don't like block 3 as much as 1 or 2. So far out of the bigger blocks #1 is my favourite.

I have also made block 15 -

And 16 -

I quite like them both. 16 was super quick to whip up. It is weird though because from the dark and dotty blues you have to cut a 13.25" square which you then cut into quarters. Am I going to use the other three cut quarters somewhere else? If I am not, why couldn't I cut a smaller square in half? Anyway, I made another block using some of the left over triangles from this one - 

And given I still have two giant triangles cut, I might make more of these blocks in place of some 6" blocks. 

Block #4 is next on the list.

As I have said before, most of our Modern Monday group is working through these in the same order. Jacqui took this great panorama back in January -

You can see further progress in our flickr pool.

Friday, February 6, 2015

One Block Wonder - binding

I have cut and made the binding for one of my One Block Wonders I said I would get finished this 'quarter'. I was very pleased to find something on the shelf. I think I bought it when I visited Fabricworm last July.

Now to actually get it sewn down.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quilt show in Coatesville

There was a range of quilts on display at the Bays' Patchwork Group's outdoor quilt show on Sunday. The majority of the quilts were what I would label traditional. And while they weren't all my cup of tea, there was a lot of skill to admire. Many of the quilts showed how much quilting adds to the quilt.

Here are some that I admired -

Traditional Baskets by Joy Wiseman. Quilted by Susan Trendall.

Square Mint made and quilted by Judi Schon


Beautiful applique by Joy Wiseman and quilted by Susan Trendall. 

Think I might have to google Joy Wiseman, because this is another one of hers. Quilted by Judy Schon.

I feel I have seen this one before. Maybe at Festival of Quilts in November? I like the quilting by Judi Schon.

I like that this one was made from corduroy. I haven't seen a quilt made from cord before. It is by Stephanie Dawes.

I thought this one, above,  was quite different from the others in the show. It is by Lynne Johnson and made from recycled saris. 

This is my personal favourite from the whole show. It was made by Jenny Renner.

As I said, it was an outdoor show and it would have been beautiful if the sun was shining and it was not drizzling. I would probably go again next year - if the weather was better or I took an umbrella with me.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Moda Modern - The 6" Blocks

I have been making the 6" blocks as and when I feel like it. If I like a block, I make a couple of them. If I don't like one, I skip it and go to the next one in the pattern cards. For the block made up of four triangles, it seemed silly to make just one when you could make four at once and spread them throughout the quilt.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Moda Modern Building Block #2

Feedback suggests that this is one of suckiest blocks in the series, but it was nowhere near as horrible as I imagined. (Although now I have looked at some others, turns out the centre night not be right? Oh well, it all fits together and I didn't have any squares left over.) I did purchase some 'Laundry Friend' and it makes seams crisp and flat! I like it. However, the can says highly flammable and that the user should avoid contact with the skin. Hmmm.

It's another big block - 36" or 91cm. And I think it would make a nice little quilt on its own. I have used the same grey with white spot and Schmidt floral, but a different green from the first block.

Now I am all caught up with those blocks, I might get to binding making for one of the small quilts I said I would get finished this 'quarter'.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moda Modern #5 and 6

As you may already know our Monday Modern group is working our way through the Moda Modern Building Blocks this year. Kind of like a block of the month, but as Liz pointed out if we want to get it done in a year, it's more like a block of the week.

Anyway, January's blocks are 2, 5 and 6. 2 is another biggie and I have heard reports it's nightmarish and needs starch. I did not feel like challenging sewing yesterday afternoon, so I avoided #2 and did the easy jobs first.

#5 went a little astray. I sewed the hsts in the wrong direction. Oh well, it all fits together. I am deliberately using what I have on the shelves rather than buying more fabric. I am not being precious about shades of green next to each other as it's going to be a big, big quilt where small fabric choices really won't stand out.

I then sewed 5 and 6, to #1 to get some sense of progress.

I would like to add more dark blue fabric to the next blocks.

I have had a 7 hour school work day today, in preparation for the staff only days this week, so I can start on #2 tomorrow. I will be sure to buy starch with the groceries in the morning (-: