Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Have Been Quilting

I started this quilt way back in March when the light was bright. Now it is rainy and grey most of the time. Good weather for quilting.

I used my quilting hoop for the centre and then lap quilted the grey. All the rings are free hand to go with the mis-matched and free hand cut centre curves. It's quilted using variegated black-dark grey Sue Spargo eleganza thread.

I used a bamboo batting because Spotlight was out of wool. I wouldn't use it again. It produces a very flat finish, and I like some puffiness, and it shed worse than hand quilting a cotton batting.

This quilt has been finished this weekend. Possibly just in time for gifting later in the week. Pix to come when it stops raining. This one is 'Amio' - Maori for orbit.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Made a Quilt Label

The lovely Monday Modern girls have been working on a quilt for one of our fellow MMers recently. All I did was hand sew the binding down and make the label. It's been a long time since I made a proper label. Probably because it's been a long time since I actually finished anything! However, it was a process I enjoyed even though my fancy Sue Spargo thread may have been a bit thick for the job.

And here is the finished quilt-to-be-used-lots-and-lots.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Made a Quilt Top

My latest quilt top is a copy of one Heather, fellow Monday Mondernist, showed us back in summer.

Heather's version is a development of Quilting in the Rain's Home Sweet Home quilt.

This quilt starts out as a simple nine-patch, which is then cut into quarters and re-assembled.

I trialed some ideas for the finishing fabrics. They weren't quite right, so I visited Ribbon Rose at Mt Wellington and found some green spot. I love green and love spots. Perfecto!

Thanks to Heather's maths for the quarter square border!

Another one for the waiting-to-be-quilted pile. I might call it one quarter of nine or quarter to nine or quarter past nine. Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Made Stems for the Garden Party Quilt

This project is still ticking along.

I bought metres of bias binding on etsy. I now have a good collection of green bias binding!

Now all the stems are done, it's time for the centres of the flowers.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Made a [Pleated] Skirt

I made this last Sunday. I have had the textured green fabric for a couple of months. Predictably it comes from The Fabric Shop in Otara. (It also comes in bright yellow and a beige. I am kind of tempted by the yellow, but I know it would be a bit much!)

Again, fairly predictably I used a stylearc pattern. This time is is the Candice skirt. It was very easy to make and fits well.

I taught myself, via a youtube video, how to use my rolled hem foot. I can tell you that the hemming took longer than the skirt making and in some places, I had to go back and add a few hand stitches. I plan on wearing this to school with my navy cardi. I love blue and green.

Friday, May 6, 2016

I Made A Skirt

I am quickly becoming a fan of Style Arc patterns. I buy printed patterns from their website (because I hate joining seven million pieces of print your own A4 together) and they arrive in about five days from Australia. Style Arc is pretty generous because you always get a free pattern with your order. I received the Allison Skirt pattern as a freebie at some stage and I filed it away as it is for stretch fabric and "I can't sew stretch fabric." But after my success with the sweatshirts, I thought the time was right to give it a go.

I had been to The Fabric Shop in Otara for sweatshirt material and they had a whole table of Ponte de Roma which google tells me is a Polyester and Rayon mix. It is a nice weight. I was going to be lazy and whip up a simple A-line but found the Allison Skirt pattern on the shelf.

It has two inverted pleats inn the front and the back. I had not ever made pleats their way before - I guess it takes the excess fabric from around the stomach area. I followed the pictures/diagrams and it worked out. I used masking tape to make the top stitching lines.

I will probably make another one. My fave black and white 'school' skirt I made a couple of winters ago has faded and The Fabric Shop has some cool black and white ponte prints.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Made a [Pineapple] Quilt

I am going to call it Hala Kahiki because that's Hawaiian for pineapple.

Last March I made a small pineapple quilt - can you call it a quilt if it only measures 23 x 30cm? Anyway, it hangs on the wall in the lounge. Since then I have been wanting to make a big one. Our Monday Modern Ugly Brown challenge provided the opportunity. Poor old brown has a bad rep. When quilts with brown in them get shared, often the comment 'that's a nice brown' is made - like all browns are ugly. So someone came up with the idea of Monday Modern Ugly Brown challenge. Liz and her daughter went Spotlight shopping for some ugly brown and we were challenged with using our eighth in something quilted.

I used a 100% wool batting and hand quilted it. I used diagonal 3" crosshatch for the pineapple and tied where the lines intersected because you know how pineapples aren't smooth skinned. I did lines 1.5" apart on the leaves. And 3" regular crosshatching on the brown.

I found this island-style backing at The Fabric Store in Otara. It is a nice deep brown and appropriately island-ish for a pineapple quilt.

Being wool and hand quilted, this quilt is super snuggly.

Original quilt - Sassafras Lane Designs.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Made Another Sweatshirt

Well, I made two.

My cousin Kelly said nice things about my grey and pink one so I made her one. Too bad if she was just being polite. I had enough fabric left over from my first, so it didn't cost me anything really. I made the sleeves shorter and cut the neck a bit scoopier at the front. In this pic it is still waiting its twin stitching which I think will make it sit a bit better especially around the bands.

Then I made myself second. This time from black merino and some flowery chiffon-like fabric both from The Fabric Shop in Otara. I went for a medium weight merino since I am not expert in sewing stretch fabrics. It was pretty easy to handle. The chiffon-like fabric was super shifty and frayey - just made up that word.

I am quite pleased with my efforts. I can see how an overlocker would speed up construction. I do have one of the school ones at home - because it doesn't get used at school. I might have to teach myself via youtube how to use it. Just the threading up puts me off - it looks very complicated.

(Pattern - McCall's 6992)